My Graphic Design Website

I’ve been making some updates to my graphic design portfolio website and thought I’d share. Here is a link to my Linking to my book cover (etc) page. Enjoy!

Mike L Gratitude Front Cover Only 72 RGB
Cover Designer Heather J Kirk, Gratitude a Verb author Mike Lyding

I am a graphic designer and can do book cover design, interior layout, logo, bookmark, postcard, biz card, one sheet, website, business cards, brochures, advertisements, and lots more. I’d be happy to discuss your project or needs with you.

I can proofread / edit your website, business copy, articles, blogs, books, letters, expert opinions, anything!

I begin with a top level edit,  including not only grammar, punctuation and spelling, but also flow, order, logic, fact checking and content as it applies to your stated goals (meaning whether you stray too far or need to expand). I use Track Changes function in Word which allows you to go through and either accept or reject the changes I made. I would start the test edit upon receipt of a $60 deposit. If a full 2 hours is not needed for the estimate, the balance would apply to the remainder of the work. (Though the balance is non-refundable.) Once you review the edits I make in Track Changes, we can discuss how to proceed . Though of course I suggest people continue with a full edit, if it does not seem necessary or if there are budget constraints based on my estimate, we can discuss options available.

Virgin in Art Front Cover 72
Sample book cover by graphic designer Heather J. Kirk. The Virgin in Art by author Mantoshe Singh Devji

My editing rates are $30/hour. I do a 2 hour test edit from which I then extrapolate the price for the entire manuscript or that and similar future projects. That way I get an idea of your ‘voice” and style, as well as the level of editing needed.

My graphic design rates are $50/hour, and with a conversation and specifics I can make an accurate and fair estimate for you.

I look forward to working with you on your book project, your business needs or your art submissions! Heather

HJKirk at juno dot com

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