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Because WE Care … becoming a World Class Citizen:

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WE are a blog focused on caring about people, the environment, health, fashion and the arts, and more. We care about YOU! Follow for ideas and tools to make your life and your world a better place!

WE consider our work here a ministry, a mission, a purpose – and we encourage you to join us in that. I donate 20% of sales to non-profits preventing and intervening in sex trafficking.

Looking for art and/or clothing, especially that is fair to employees / artisans and that protect the environment? Want to support what we do? Here are a few ways.

Some of the links on our site our affiliate links, though nowhere near all. Please click on the links in our blog to purchase products you read about here. I will be clear in my writings whether I support / believe in the brands and products mentioned or not.

We have chosen the suppliers for the art and clothing below because they pay living wages and use non-toxic materials.

2nd edition book cover instagram size Books – written by Heather J. Kirk and/or graphically designed by PhotoGraphic Artistry and Publishing. http://www.photographicartistry.citymax.com/Books.html

Let us do the EDITING and GRAPHIC DESIGN on your business, book or personal projects, as well as prepare your art for printing or submissions. http://www.photographicartistry.citymax.com/GraphicDesign.html

Camera Self Portrait BW JPGPhotographic art, note cards, totes and t-shirts, home and beach products on Pixels / Fine Art America by PhotoGraphic Artistry by Heather J. Kirk : https://heather-kirk.pixels.com

 Falling Petal Abstract - Blue-Green- Pink A Leggings by Heather J Kirk - SIDE-H2O

Clothing, scarves and accessories on Art of Where by PhotoGraphic Artistry by Heather J. Kirk: https://artofwhere.com/artists/heatherjkirk

VIDA Mmodel Slide

Wraps, blouses, scarves, purses and totes, leather travel accessories and journals on VIDA by PhotoGraphic Artistry by Heather J. Kirk: https://shopvida.com/collections/heather-j-kirk


Thank you for your interest and support! PhotoGraphic Artistry by Heather J. Kirk