Vitamins matter – but discounts help!

With all the chemicals that go into our foods, the surprises I am finding on foods I’ve been eating for years having GMO contents, and the depletion of our soils of minerals, to say nothing of the toxins that enter our body either unknown through our environs, or known but taken as a double-edged sword through medications that help us in many ways … vitamins and supplements can play an important and, well – supplemental, role in our health.

But boy can the costs add up!

sprouts-logoOne way to save money is through the periodic (through seldom) sales at Sprouts when EVERYTHING (supplement-wise) is 25% off. It is happening NOW! ONLY until Wednesday, April 25, 2018, so hurry!  

While the Above sale is over – there are new sales of varying amounts regularly. Check often, either here or your snail mail box.

lucky vitamin logoI also like  (which I recently learned has WAY MORE than just vitamins) is always at a discount. But it depends on how much you need and how fast. Lucky Vitamins only gets to free shipping at $50 – and with their low prices, sometimes I have to WORK to get it up that high!

Try the code “SPRINGTEN18” – it will only work on some items, but worth a try!

Another plus is all these fancy “shop with confidence” logos that Lucky Vitamin sports at the bottom of their page…

Lucky Vitamin Shop with confidence logos

Finally – I really WISH I got some kind of perk for referring you to these retailers… but I don’t. I’m gonna work on it though, lol! But if that ever happens, I will only refer you to products and places I myself have tired, and share my honest opinion of or experience with!


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