Apps and Resources for Consumers to Make Socially Conscious (Ethical) Purchases in Fashion and Beyond!

These Apps and websites are great resources for consumers to make socially conscious (Ethical) purchases in fashion and beyond!

First the visual. Still working on posting some of the live links.

Becasue We Care Blog Consumers-Postcards

iPhone and Android Apps that you can use while in a store on the spot to check the ethical background of store, brand, product. Go to Google Play Store or Apple App store for the following.

  1. Good on You: App store on your phone or find out more on their site.
  2. shop ethical: Again try your smart phone App store or learn more at their web site: “Shop with a clear conscience!”

Lots of great websites to review at home (but never during work or school, lol!)

I will eventually get more live links up but these are pretty easy to find by name and with  their logos in visual above.

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