An Angel in My Window – How to Pray in this Difficult Time

Check out the video An Angel in My Window!

I’m starting a new Series or Playlist Channel called Eavesdrop on My Ride. I ponder and share my thoughts out loud, and at times will bring a friend along for a ride. We will chit chat about life’s deep topics as we take to the streets – literally!

This videos gives ideas on how to pray in this difficult time. Listen, pray, share. And in doing so we can come into agreement with one another even in an age of ‘social distancing’.
On my way to see the move “I Still Believe” by the Erwin Brothers about singer songwriter Jeremy Camp (Gold, Platinum, AMA, Grammy’s). I think about how the theme applies to our current situation and the Coronavirus. I personally see a rainbow – that the camera does not pick up. To me this represents that the promises of God – even when we can’t see them or things look bleak. But interestingly what I don’t see through the camera shows up later as I view it – and Angel in my windshield (in stuck on raindrops or spots, lol!) and an intense glowing light! The invisible world is REAL y’all! Make everyday a National Day of Prayer!

We need to step outside of our own fears and problems and pray for others for the same thing we are praying for ourselves. Yes, go ahead and pray for yourself, but then up it – level after level. Same prayer for family and friends, then your city, then your country and finally our world. So as we ALL begin to do do this we come into agreement , even as we may feel isolated and alone. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

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“Winged Woman in White Lily” by Heather J. Kirk

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