Is there really a health care alternative?

While operating very much like a PPO and Insurance program, Medi-Share is fundamentally different, based on sharing of costs and a foundation of praying for those you help.

ccm-logo“Medi-Share is a community of Christians who have agreed to live as the early church (Acts 2 & 4) when it comes to sharing each other’s burdens. Members share each other’s eligible medical bills and, most importantly, encourage and
lift one another up in prayer.”

There are requirements (yes, you need to be an active, church going) Christian, willing to pray from others. And agreements – no smoking, no illegal drugs, no abuse of legal drugs or alcohol, and finally no sex outside of marriage.

As soon as you start to question their right to ask about such things, you might realize how those strict standards could have some clear health benefits, especially as it relates to an insurance company.

Medi-Share | Christian Care Ministry

But NO pre-existing conditions limitations – though you may have to enroll in a health counseling program. And technically they have been doing “universal healthcare” that REALLY is that since 1993. What I mean by that is you actually get healthcare after your choice of “Annual Household Option” (similar to a deductible) – many of which are reasonable – not what I see as the current “affordable healthcare plans” that are really what we used to call Major Medical or Catastrophic Coverage – deductibles so high that people in effect don’t get healthcare at all, reserving it only for a huge emergency.

I decided to check out my own providers for vision, hospital, labs and they are all on the PPO plan. But what about my doctor? Well, she is a Naturopath, so she is not on any plan, so hard to say how the doctor list is – though I can say it is extensive!

If you don’t have coverage or find the Affordable Health Care plans offered to you ironically unaffordable – and you are a Christian – it is worth checking out. Just read the fine print!

But, even after reviewing the site extensively, I’m impressed!

More Medi-Share offerings include: Disability Sharing, Senior Assist and Medi-Share Groups for employers and churches.  Ah, more to explore.

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