The Know it all Generation

Introduction by Heather J. Kirk: At one time – for a long time – I was definitely a ‘know it all’. I still know a lot 🙂 , but the attitude is different. A painful humbling brought about by my own choices was used (anyway), for good … by God, to give me a compassion and empathy I did not fully know or express previously. I am now better able to serve God and His people with a humble heart (most of the time, lol!) and withholding of judgement (again, most of the time…).

It is best to take that spirit of pride, perfection, and “I’m gonna set everybody straight,” to God and let Him humble us…with our blessing, Otherwise, the humbling of the world is truly painful! Even humbling by God has its difficult and painful moments, but at least when we invite Him into the process, we know that our best interest, His love, and ‘to God be the glory’ are mixed into the equation.

“Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God,
that He may exalt you at the proper time,” I Peter 5:6 (NAS)

Thanks to Alicia Neal and Traveling Light Women’s Ministry for allowing me to share your deeply valuable lesson of growth and maturity, “The Know it all Generation.” Please visit her site and have a read!

Traveling Light Women's Ministry

Are you a know it all? Are you the person in the meeting that doesn’t need vital information that is being discussed because you think you already know what to do? Are you that person who knows everything and everyone else knows nothing? Thinking you know it all is a form of pride. Pride builds a wall of self-built achievements that only you could have done on your own. No help from people and no help from God.

God makes us knowledgeable about many things. God even created for us a beautiful mind so we can learn beyond our set limitations. Even though we are equipped with this mind, there will be times where we need to seek council on certain matters either spiritually, physically or emotionally. When seeking council, we go to hear the person’s perspective on a matter and then we walk away more advanced in the learning…

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