Breakthrough Movie Review by Guest Blogger Gregg Paulson


We here at have attempted several times to see Breakthrough and so far been left out in the cold (BAD PUN – I know!), so we called in a guest blogger Gregg Paulson for his reaction.

But I thought I’d do a little research first to answer your questions. No, you don’t have to ask them for me to answer them. The questions are pretty clear!

Yes, this is based on a true story and apparently unlike many “based on”  stories, they have kept it pretty accurate. The movie script was written from a book called “The Impossible” written by the mother Joyce Smith (along with Ginger Kolbaba).

NO! I am not about to ruin it for you  because you already know the son lives!

Yes, it is pretty much impossible to live after being underwater for 15 minutes and no heartbeat for an hour. Hence the name of the book “The Impossible”.

Yes, Yes and Yes.
1. The only answer is that it was a miracle.
2. It’s a Christian movie that mentions God, but get over it if that makes you uncomfortable. Who else do you know that performs miracles?
3. There is more to the story than the kid lives. I started reading the Wikipedia page and stopped when I realized that the Trailer had actually NOT ruined the whole movie. (I hate it when they do that, don’t you?!)

One more Yes… the Trailer is at the end of the post.

But if you really want to spoil it for yourself, or already saw the movie and want to know more, here’s the link:

Obligatory statistical fun fact: An official trailer for the film was released on December 5, 2018 and received more than 30 million views within two days, becoming the most-viewed trailer for a religious film within that timespan. (Jeannie Law (December 11, 2018). Breakthrough’ movie trailer breaks record with 30 million views in 48 hours”. The Christian Post. Retrieved March 5, 2019.)

Random question: Why are my links PINK?

Random photo (just kidding – keep reading for reference):

Photo (uncaptioned) by Franklin Entertainment, so it is up to me to label it (YIKES!): Somebody, Stephen Curry, DeVon Franklin, Somebody

And now for our guest reviewer!
Thank you Gregg Paulson!

My Bride and I took in a movie this weekend based on a true story, Breakthrough.

We came away deeply touched, humbled and enlightened at the power of prayer, both agreeing it is the most impactful movie we recall witnessing.

This is saying a lot from a guy who rarely sees a movie twice, except for the classics, like the Blues Brothers, Animal House and Romancing the Stone, where the guy gets the girl and an awesome sailboat. They are great movies, though whether they are classics is debatable. Yet certainly they cannot beat this movie.

This true story is based on a miracle, if you don’t believe in miracles that is absolutely fine, you decide what you want to call it – if you decide to see it.

Forget the IF… See it! Don’t take my word for it or anyone else’s. You decide.

Anyone blessed enough to view it will see ample opportunities for the Police, Fire, EMTs, staff and doctors of two hospitals, one legally pronouncing him dead, to refute the accuracy of the film. None has.

If you, your family or friends have doubts, treat them to a wonderful movie that keeps drawing you in and does not stop until the lights go on.

— Gregg Paulson


One final YES that is completely unrelated to the story, but you are asking it anyway… (no that’s not a link, it’s blue after all)

YES, NBA superstar Stephen Curry, who launched Unanimous Media in 2018, is executive Producer of Breakthrough. “Unanimous, which has an overall film and TV deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment, is developing many of its own projects, but Curry couldn’t pass up getting involved with Breakthrough since it dovetailed with his own focus on faith and family-friendly material.” (Source:


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  1. Sounds like a fantastic movie. And it’s good to hear that it sticks closely to the true story. I am always a little hesitant when I see “based on” because that can mean it takes too many liberties and changes the story. Thank you for sharing this. I don’t go to the movies very often and don’t keep up on what is playing, but when I hear about something like this I usually do some research to find out if it’s playing here. God bless.

    • Good to know, lol! Maybe pink is the “clicked on” color and they automatically show clicked or show clicked after I have tested them… Anyway, good to know because pink certainly doesn’t match my theme colors! 🙂

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