Looking for Internet Accountability for Adults and Teens?

Real love is worth fighting for.

Never fight alone. Overcome pornography
with the power of accountability relationships.

Covenant Eyes helps you set up an accountability partner for websites you are visiting, helping to prevent and to overcome issues with pornography.  They have site blocking options as well, but I believe that hero_image-1xusage and addictions issues are better handled with a combination of blocking, making conscious choices, and knowing you have to be accountable to someone. Blocking alone does not address addiction or the need to use judgement, make healthy choices, or to  heal. (Use code HOPE222 if asked)

Why do we care about decreasing the consumption of pornography?  Because the more pornography there is, the more prostitution, the more sex trafficking and the more CHILD pornography and CHILD abductions for sex trafficking. These things sadly, but logically, correlate!

Pornography basically has a numbing effect, making things that were once unacceptable more acceptable and “desirable” (in an addictive way). Yet later inducing guilt and shame.

From their website…

What is Covenant Eyes?

Porn thrives on shame and secrets. Our Internet Accountability service is designed to help you overcome porn by monitoring your Internet activity and sending a Report to a trusted friend who holds you accountable for your online choices.

Your Devices Are Monitored

Install Covenant Eyes on all your devices. We monitor and keep a record of all your Internet browsing. We’ll even block the bad stuff if you want.

A Report is Sent to a Trusted Friend

We send an Accountability Report to someone you have invited as your Accountability Partner. This Report contains a list of the sites you visit, rated based on their content.

Conversations Help You Find Freedom

A trusted friend receives your Accountability Report and can use this information to help you break free. This is the power of relationships.


If asked for a code when you sign up, please use HOPE222
The link:

Stay tuned for Internet Accountability programs for children,
including identifying potential issues of bullying and suicide.

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