Route Arrow Philosophizing

I often walk along the bike path (BTW, those lime bikes are a whole different story!), with a view of the dog park and baseball fields across the street. Every month or so they have a Marathon or a Ragnar Relay race here along this path. Sometimes there are sandwich signs to send people in the right direction. On this day I saw these arrow stickers on the ground. Written on them was The way they pointed, on this day, made no sense to me!

They got me to thinking, and so I call this Route Arrow Philosophizing by Heather Kirk. Know thy purpose to stay on YOUR correct route in life. Do not be distracted by random signs (or signs intended for others) and stay on track even when you do not see the evidence along the roadway. If you don’t know your destination, your GPS can take you anywhere and you won’t even know until it is too late!

Check out my video – having a little fun about the stickers! Hope you can see the Facebook page – I made it public:

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